“Discover How To Turn Your Body Into A Fat Burning Furnace"

Watch the video below to find out how with just a few simple ingredients from any household cupboard you can mix together a miracle fat burning shake which effortlessly burns up to 6 kilos off your body in just 7 days - GUARANTEED!



When I was approached about trying out “The Davies Diet”, I didn’t think that I had any weight to lose.  Sure, following menopause I had developed the small ‘belly’ or fat pad on my stomach which was gradually becoming bigger no matter what I did. 

Anyhow I decided to give it a go and I was quite surprised to find that not only did the ‘belly’ disappear but I actually trimmed down all over, without losing a great deal of weight or really trying to.  While I’ve always exercised to stay fit, suddenly I wanted to exercise because I felt like it.  I am still using the shake because I feel so much better when I am on it.

Janet from Petrie

I was asked to try the Davies Shake after I had back surgery and gained a lot of weight. 

I started the shakes as I would any other diet thinking I would lose a couple kilograms here and there but you can see the weight coming off overnight.  By the end of the first week I had lost 7kg and was feeling great.

Two weeks in and I've lost 12kg and fitting clothes I haven’t in years: very excited.  I lost that without any exercise but now I'm going to start some exercise and continue the shakes so I'm sure the weight will keep falling off.  I'm well on my way to my goal weight again, thanks to Paul Davies.

Bianca from Morayfield

My first week I lost 9kg and was very happy with this result.  I lost another four kilograms in week 2 (I cheated a bit).  It suits me as I don’t like eating a lot through the day but drinking a shake is easy.  Then I have my meal at night time.  I didn’t do any body measurements like Paul asked me to as I didn’t expect it to work the way it has. But my clothes told me a different story and friends at work notice a difference.  A big thanks to Paul for letting me be his guinea pig.  I will continue on.

Jeanette from Morayfield

I started this diet program exactly 7 days ago and have lost just under 4 kilograms (about 8.8 lbs).  Give it a go, it works.

Richard from Albany Creek